sorting algorithm visualisation

The code

sortvis is published under the MIT license. You may also be interested in scurve, a library for generating and drawing space-filling curves. All the images on this site were generated using these two projects.

The weave visualisations were generated with a command like this:

sortvis weave -x 850 -t -n 20 -c gradient

The dense visualisations were generated like this:

sortvis dense -t -n 256 -c hilbert --background 000000 --title-colour a0a0a0

And the blue stub images on the front page were generated like this:

sortvis weave -n 9 -c gradient -x 400 \
            --background 000000 --gradient-start 0040ff --gradient-end 000066 --border 0

The author

My name is Aldo Cortesi. Email me at with feedback or suggestions.

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